Trusted Chinese Shopping Site Reviews

Published by steven on Tue, 03/15/2011 - 22:23 in
Trusted Chinese Shopping Site Reviews

This site is dedicated to providing real consumer reviews & feedback on Chinese online wholesale shopping sites. With the increase in the dollar and the pound, more and more consumers are choosing to spend their hard earned dollars overseas - and many are going direct to the source to get a bargain. Whether you're into cheap wholesale shoes, the latest cheap wholesale electronic goods or simply to import goods directly from China to resell at your local shopfront - there is certainly a wide range of choice.

TomTop.com Website Review

Shop now at TomTop.comTomTop Wholesale Center has been online since 2004 - which isn't too bad for the Chinese economy. They have a huge selection of goods similar to most other Chinese wholesalers, and they update their website with new products frequently.

ChinaVasion Website Review

Shop now at ChinaVasion.comChinaVasion has been around for quite some time. I have used this company since 2008 with no issues. The quality of their products are good and they offer a number of delivery options. On occassion, I've had to contact their customer service team and they have always responded within 2-3 business days (often 1-2).