Trusted Chinese Shopping Site Reviews

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Trusted Chinese Shopping Site Reviews

This site is dedicated to providing real consumer reviews & feedback on Chinese online wholesale shopping sites. With the increase in the dollar and the pound, more and more consumers are choosing to spend their hard earned dollars overseas - and many are going direct to the source to get a bargain. Whether you're into cheap wholesale shoes, the latest cheap wholesale electronic goods or simply to import goods directly from China to resell at your local shopfront - there is certainly a wide range of choice.

But how you do you separate the scam Chinese online import websites that will steal your money before you can say "boo" - from the genuine Chinese online wholesale shopping sites selling you good quality wares at genuine discount prices?

This website "Trusted Chinese Shopping Site Reviews" has been setup by to help you, the consumer, to guide yourself through the maze of the Chinese wholesale and import shopping sites.

Many of the listed Chinese shopping sites here, I have personally shopped at and I give you a review of what to expect, whether they were good, or whether they were garbage and to steer well clear of them. Please go ahead and have a look at our Chinese shopping website reviews. I do invite you all to contribute and share your experiences as well. Information is king.


Steven :-)


Hi guys - great work on this site. It helped me heaps. I'd like to see a third-party review on Any chance?

I purchased an android tablet from these dodgy bastards about 3 months ago, and it turned out to be faulty. I posted it back at my expense. They have received the unit after I chased them up for a refund. It has now been almost 2 months of constant emailing to them and their help(less) desk person named Elena just keeps reypling saying that the refund is coming soon. How frikken hard can it be to issue a paypal refund! Idiots!

People - do not purchase from these guys! There are plenty of other good reliable Chinese retailers out there like ChinaVasion and Light in the Box.


Signed from disgruntled Dave.

I Bought 3PCS cellphone on i got my goods. they are very good quality. i like this online shop!

Hi friends, I found this site by accident, and reallly want to purchase something from it since the price are quite nice. I am just afraid that if there is any risk of the deal. Does anyone have any idea of this site or any suggestions will be highly appreciated. I plan to buy from cheap sites and sell on ebay. Thank you very much! ,China wholesale,world's local shop

hello does anyone know trusted website with replica designer handbags?thx

Would like to buy a mountainbike at EastTech ... Anyone with experience?

yes its a scam no bike will ever ever ever ever ever show up. I got scamed!

Unfortunately the part of the order I made November 15th is not even shipped! (today is Jan 29th)
I asked to return the money back but still received no answer.
Be careful and good luck!

I am from USA and order a wedding dress from dress is just what I wanted and I can not wait to wear it....It is beautiful,absolutely gorgeous!I only spend $200 for all!

"I wanted to buy a "Digital Eyepiece For Telescope-View and Record to PC" and a digital compass for amateur astronomy I registered and placed my order and also a few other items
Earlier I ordered a mebook I got a mail saying that I had to send verfication document
I sent my Office ID I got a reply saying that it was not acceptable then I send a photo of my Credit Card with numbers except the last four digits not visible as instructed in their site ( I got a reply saying that credit card not acceptable (mail from them said - "I am afraid that we cannot verify your orders by viewing credit card" Then I sent my Passport with sensitive information not visible as advised by them. I got a reply saying that the document is blurry and they canceled my orders. Online chat person told me that I will be refunded in 24 hours I did not get the refund even after 48 hours. I also have this to say about them
I ordered another order (1537004 012-02-20 23:46:23) I got a mail saying that "I'm writing you regarding your Chinavasion order 1537004. Due to unexpected system bug on the pricing value calculation, we have to cancel order, ref 1537004. Total amount usd 47.87 will be refunded back to your paypal account within next 6 hours. (I did not even give them my paypal account they don't even know my account I paid through credit card! No wonder I am yet to get the money)The above method was new method to cancel orders and not refund(price bug) I am yet to get the refunds.
I think they are basically scammers who after ordering ask for identity documents and say that it is not acceptable no matter what you send and then cancel the order and don't refund Be very careful as they also say that it is their discretion to accept or not accept the identity document you send which means they mostly will not accept any document you send in my case a clear scan of passport (which they said was blurry!)and they say you cannot send anything more than 3 MB that is an easy way not to accept any document you send and cancel the order and not refund. They have all my ID docs and also my money
There is one thing I dont understand they say that they verify identity to catch fraudsters and also say that it is one time verification First why don't they just put it on the site that they are not responsible for transactions from stolen cards or accounts and second is that there is something very fishy about this "one time verification" what if someone loses their card after their first order then a fraudster uses it, I don't see any logic in this "one time identity verification". I dont understand "one time verfication" for a standard anti-fraud check It is plain identity theft method and scamming by cancelling the orders and not repaying citing silly reasons such as " Price bug" " blurry picture" etc.,
In addition when I asked for my money back I was given a transaction ID with several numerals and alphabets may be randomly generated by computers that means nothing to me
Please note this : They said they refunded to my paypal account which they don't even know! they said within 6 hours and now after two days I am yet to get any money.

for the best online chinese electronics i look for companies based in shenzhen china-
its pretty much the very center of where all electronics, are manufactured, produced in china so its the cheapest. i think a good site is but i dont know if its still up

I bought an IP camera from this site last weekend.
How do you think of ePathchina? is China-based website supply wholesale shoes at competitive price with high quality and shipping them worldwide. It is a great place to buy shoes for your friend and families, is reliable business partner for people who want to do drop ship and retail shoes.

Have been looking for good customer reviews not on the site itself and havent had much luck. Any advise???

I'm regular customer. The total value of all my purchases 4500 $
Last - 40 "gevey" turbo sim for iPhone 4s(unlock) S-IP4G-2204
I'm technic and working in service where I repairing iPhone and unlock iPhone.
First my experience in turbo sim in MORE THAN 4 year's ago.
Item doesn't work. I send item back. Lost my money for shipping back and sunsky don't do it refund...If you have the same problem you can come to your bank and open clame about "Rascal seller" and you get your money back..:)
Do not buy here. In last time this in not great place for your shopping:)

We are a reputable and reliable online distributor who supplies discount designer clothes, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry and watches. Please check out and save big today!

Get anything wholesale from China, and have fun!

Has anyone heard of or used a website "" I have never heard of them and have no idea how to check out if they are a dodgy wholesalers or genuine. Can find no reviews on them

Do not buy from They have great wholesale prices. They will talk to you and respond very quickly. Once you order they will send you a fake tracking number and you will never recieve your package. They will not respond at all once you tell them about the problem and will block you from seeing that they are on line if you have instant messenger.

has anyone ever shop from them? are they scam or legit?

Guys don't ever order anything from eForChina website...they are fake..i recently ordered something for $ 150 they didn't even ship me anything since now,it's been a 4 months now...i emailed to them many times to refund the money,but since now no reply..there really fake guys don't ever order from this website

is sumshoes website/company real or fake

does anyone order from , is this a fake website?

I have shopped many times at - they have been quick and reliable every time. Thumbs up.


I have a order from last month, i got the goods last friday,it only cost 10days. it is very quck and reliable.

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